Look forward to sinking your teeth into Spisesalon’s award-winning open sandwiches, rich salads and exquisite delicacies.

Spisesalon’s open sandwiches

All week from 11:30 AM

Price of 1 open sandwich · DKK 85 / Price of 3 open sandwiches in one serving · DKK 225

Pick up at the restaurant
Monday – Saturday from 11.30 AM to 6.30 PM.
Sunday from 11.30 AM to 3.00 PM.
Please order 30 minutes before on +45 86 12 20 53


Price of 1 open sandwich · From DKK 85 / Price of 3 open sandwiches in one serving · DKK 225

A Delicious Herring/DKK 85
Marinated herring with black currant, crispy malt and pickled kohlrabi.

Heavenly Chicken Salad/DKK 85
Chicken salad with meat from juicy chickens served with crispy kale and tart marinated white cabbage.

Land and Sea/DKK 95
Gently cooked turbot with crispy veal cheeks, cured leak and lovage cream.

What a catch/DKK 85
Salted cod mixed with potatoes, coarse-grain mustard and rapeseed
oil from Ærø, served with crispy fennel and lemon cream.

Pork on the Fork/DKK 85
Marinated and slow-cooked pork neck with flavoured lard and salt-baked beetroot.

Fresh from the Ocean/DKK 85
Crispy fried plaice fillet with remoulade made of crayfish tails and fresh herbs and with hand-shelled shrimps.

Beef with a Twist/DKK 85
Spicy ribeye with creamy celery remoulade and crispy root vegetables.

Cheese is a Feast/DKK 95
Høgelundgård cheese from Arla Unika on butter-toasted rye bread served with gooseberry compote and honeyed walnuts.



Spisesalon’s Lunch Menu

Monday to Friday 11:30 AM – 5:00 PM

• 2 open sandwiches – chef’s choice (served on the same plate)
• A beer, soft drink or a glass of wine
• A cake of your choice. See the menu here
• A coffee of your choice. See the menu here
DKK 299

Spisesalon’s sunday treat

Every sunday from 11:30 AM

Open sandwiches and cold drinks
2 open sandwiches on the same plate with a beer, a soft fdrink or a glass of wine.
DKK 210

Salads and delicacies

All week from 11:30 AM

Fresh salad served with steamed cod mixed with cottage cheese and fresh herbs, pickles of the season and butter-toasted croutons
DKK 129

Warm lunch dish
Aromatic fish soup with fennel and carefully cooked fish of the day
DKK 129

Four cheeses from Grand Fromage with compote and crackers
DKK 129