Look forward to sinking your teeth into Spisesalon’s award-winning open sandwiches, rich salads and exquisite delicacies.

Spisesalon’s open sandwiches

All week from 11:30 AM

Price of 1 open sandwich · DKK 85 / Price of 3 open sandwiches in one serving · DKK 225

Heavenly Chicken Salad /DKK 85
Chicken salad with juicy chicken meat, chanterelle confit, fresh enoki mushroom, crispy bacon and fresh herbs.

A Delicious Herring / DKK 85
Fried herring and creamy smoked cheese with pickled shallot, crispy radish and fresh herbs.

Tada! / DKK 85
Danish top round of beef tartare blended with tartare sauce, mixed herbs and shallot, topped with crispy potato, frisée lettuce and mizuna.

Lucky Potato / DKK 85
Potatoes tossed in vinaigrette, served with lovage mayonnaise and crispy cured plaice and crayfish tail fishcakes, topped with cress and pickles shallot.

Forest Ox / DKK 85
Marinated ribeye served with chanterelle and Karl Johan relish, crispy onions, grated horseradish and fresh herbs.

Onion Sensation / DKK 85
New fried and pickled onions, burned onion cream and crispy onion.

A North Sea Walk/ DKK 85
Air-dried Fanø ham, poached egg and smoked cheese, topped with saltwort.

Fresh From The Ocean / DKK 85
The chef’s fish terrine, roasted cos lettuce and creamed peas.



Spisesalon’s Lunch Menu

Monday to Friday 11:30 AM – 5:00 PM

• 2 open sandwiches – chef’s choice (served on the same plate)
• A beer, soft drink or a glass of wine
• A cake of your choice. See the menu here
• A coffee of your choice. See the menu here
DKK 299

Spisesalon’s sunday treat

Every sunday from 11:30 AM

Open sandwiches and cold drinks
2 open sandwiches on the same plate with a beer, a soft fdrink or a glass of wine.
DKK 210

Salads and delicacies

All week from 11:30 AM

Salad of the Day
Ask your waiter about the fresh salad of the day.
DKK 129

Salad of the Day with Salmon
Ask your waiter about the fresh salad of the day.
DKK 129

Four kinds of cheese with sweet and crispy accompaniments.
DKK 129