Spisesalon’s coffee & cake

Is there anything better than meeting for coffee and cake? At Spisesalon you can enjoy a good, old Danish classic – sweet pastry cake – together with other delicious treats baked from the heart.

Medallion pastries & other cakes

All week from 11.00 AM

Pastry Cake of the day
Ask your waiter about the pastry cake of the day – choose from two different kinds.
DKK 55

Our Apple Cake
Our apple cake with hand-wipped cream, blackcurrants and macaroons.
DKK 55

Cream Puffs
Airy cream puffs filled with custard, salt caramel, chocolate sauce and compote.
DKK 55

Coffee with love

A cup of coffee at Spisesalon is not just any cup of coffee. Our coffee comes from Great Coffee in Klostergade, where the owner, Søren Stiller Markussen is the Danish barista champion. Ever single coffee is roasted differently to capture its perfect character. Søren personally selects the coffee beans from the best coffee farmers throughout the world. That means you get the ultimate coffee sensation – every single time!

Double espresso · DKK 35
Black coffee – Single Origin Drip Coffee · DKK 39
Macchiato · DKK 39
Cortado · DKK 39
Americano · DKK 39
Cappuccino · DKK 49
Caffè latte · DKK 49
Ice Coffee with vanilla syrup · DKK 49
Plunger coffee – price per coffee pot DKK 79

Other hot drinks

Hot chocolate with whipped cream · DKK 49
Irish Coffee · DKK 85
Chai latte · DKK 49


We get our tea from A.C. Perch’s Teashop, because this 4th generation of tea experts helps make sure we always serve the best. We have tea to suit all tastes, whatever the time of day – and we can find the right one for you, whether you’re after a boost or in need of something to calm you down.

Perch’s tea per cup · DKK 39
Perch’s tea per pot per person · DKK 79
Homemade ice-tea with thyme and lemon · DKK 45

Aroma tea: White Symphony, Green Lemon Ginger, Liquorice Root Tea and Rooibos Vanilla.
Classic tea: 175-year Blend and Earl Grey.