At Spisesalon we want to give you an all round wonderful experience, in which beautiful design and delicious food, along with great company, ensure that you have a delightful and memorable time.

Pure and authentic raw materials

At Spisesalon, the overall ambition is to show people what great craftsmanship can be. That is why our cuisine is rooted in pure, authentic taste sensations.

Our local partners

All our cheeses come from small dairies where tradition, craftsmanship and constant monitoring are at the core of production. We get our cheeses from the best cheese dealer, family-owned GRAND Fromage in Guldsmedgade. Here, dad and son select the top cheeses from specially imported French delicacies to local, Danish farm cheeses. As owners Jens-Einer and Thomas Lindbjerg say: ‘Life is too short for bland food.’

When it comes to meat, we mainly use Danish meat and preferably free-range or organic. Animal welfare and sustainability are key parameters when we cooperate with e.g. Randers Kød and the butcher in Nørre Søby – because we believe that fresh air and natural animal feed affect taste.

Bread at Spisesalon is exquisite! We bake our own fantastic sour dough buns, which you can have with our breakfast buffet and brunch platter. We also get freshly baked old-fashioned rye bread from Schweizerbageriet in our own street. The bakery which has been at the same address since 1911 only uses the finest and best grain types for their bread and that is why we have chosen Schweizerbageriet as our supplier of rye bread.

We are thrilled when you decide to come visit us, because that is proof that quality, proximity and transparency pay off – and proof that we can all impact the development of food.

A part of something greater

Spisesalon is part of Danish Design Restaurant and sister to Villa Dining and Nordisk Spisehus. Along with the two other restaurants, we aim to give our guests a unique experience where beautiful design and great food create an unforgettable dining experience. You can read about Danish Design Restaurant here (the website is in Danish).