Spisesalon has received good reviews from both guests and critics since its opening. This makes us proud, and we are looking forward to inviting many more guests to visit our restaurant at M. P. Bruuns Gade in Aarhus.

4 Stars in Jyllands-Posten
We are incredibly proud of the magnificient 4-star review, Kähler Spisesalon has just received in JP Aarhus. In his review, the food critic, amongst other things, writes “Spisesalonen has hit the bull’s-eye”, “The restaurant excels in what they do, serving tasty open sandwiches”, “It is wonderful to have such a different eatery in Aarhus. We give them four stars for good food at a reasonable price and excellent service.”

15 August 2017

3 Stars in Århus Stiftstidende
Kähler Spisesalon received a visit from Århus Stiftstidende’s food critic, who gives us three stars and the following testimonial: ‘A nice meal and definitely worth a visit. Good value for money.’

26 May 2017.

‘The restaurant where good taste prevails’
Aarhus Update’s food critic writes that he often takes his lunch at the restaurant because he has fallen in love with our food. In his latest review, he also writes:
‘One might be tempted to believe that the motto ‘hurry up slowly’ applies to Kähler Spisesalon. They manage to create a relaxed atmosphere while getting the job done. You don’t even notice it. Everything runs extremely smoothly – almost picture perfect. Service was very attentive. Smiling and kind, and not least service minded.’
‘Kähler Spisesalon in M.P. Bruuns Gade is fully worthy of our utmost recommendation. They are honest. They are extremely particular when it comes to raw materials. Their food has real taste. In other words, they do a good job and are brutally honest about what they do. Carry on the good work!’

22 May 2017.

Kähler Spisesalon wins ‘Herring of the Year 2017’
Kähler Spisesalon has won the prestigious competition for chefs “Herring of the Year 2017”. The competition took place on Sunday 2 April at the North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals where eight of Denmark’s best open sandwich restaurants were up against each other in five different categories, e.g. blind tasting, storytelling and best combination of open sandwich and ‘Bitter of the Year’. Kähler Spisesalon won both the judge’s award and the audience’s award. This means that we get the honour of having our marinated herrings put into production and on supermarket shelves until August 2017.

2 April 2017.

‘A marvellous eatery.’
Kähler Spisesalon has received a wonderful review by Aarhus Update’s food critic, and we are extremely proud of being able to share it with our food-loving guests.
Aarhus Update wrote: ‘The décor is well-conceived and beautiful. You feel comfortable – and don’t want to leave. Delicious food and waiters who know what they’re talking about. The ambience is down to earth, charming and relaxed.’

17 April 2016.

One of the best spots for a cup of tea in the city
Smag Aarhus is crazy about the lemon/ginger tea from A.C Perch’s Thehandel, which we serve in Kähler’s beautiful ceramic. Actually, Smag Aarhus is so crazy about the tea at our restaurant that they recommend us as one of Aarhus’ best spots for a cup of tea.

The blogger Stone MUSE: Where to have lunch in Aarhus  
Aarhus blogger Stone MUSE recently enjoyed her lunch at Kähler Spisesalon. After diving into three delicious open sandwiches, Michelle Nielsen – the name of the real person behind the blog – concluded that Kähler Spisesalon has some of the best open sandwiches in town.
Stone MUSE wrote:
“Open sandwiches might sound boring to some, however, that does not have to be the case (…) I had Kähler Love which consisted of cod and potato in wonderful unison, a warm beef stew with celeriac, sweet carrots and the chef’s sour herb crème fraîche (holy moly) and also had a piece with ham. It was so delicious that the restaurant gets my highest recommendation.’

27 November 2015.

5 hearts in Politiken: Kähler Spisesalon perfectly balances each plate
Politiken food critic Joakim Grundahl recently visited Kähler Spisesalon, where he enjoyed three open sandwiches with accompanying wine. He was extremely pleased and had a wonderful experience. At this Jutland restaurant, you must have a glass of wine with your well-balanced Kähler open sandwiches instead of a light beer, which does not compliment the savoury sandwiches
The critic wrote:
‘I had some really good wine and excellent open sandwiches. Particularly the deer pate and the Chilean pinot noir made it difficult to keep my excitement under wraps.’
‘The richly acidic espresso perfectly matched the sweetness of the cake in a culminating display of the balance Kähler Spisesalon manages to get on every plate.’

11 October 2014.

Aarhus Update: An open sandwich extravaganza – also to go
Aarhus Update treated themselves to all eight of our modern to-go open sandwiches and has given us a rave review. Critic Pernille Søborg commends the perfect balance between acid, salt and sweetness and ranks the taste of our open sandwiches as world class.
Aarhus Update wrote:
‘In terms of modern open sandwiches, we are clearly at the same level of some of the best open sandwich restaurants in Denmark.’
‘When it comes to takeaway, few places in Aarhus are able to match the level that makes Kähler’s open sandwiches among my absolutely favourite takeaways.’
‘An addictive and beautiful open sandwich that you simply have to try. Let’s hope that Kähler Spisesalon never takes A North Sea Walk off the menu.’

26 October 2014

Ole Troelsø: Open sandwiches in Denmark
In a new book, Danish business daily Børsen’s food critic, Ole Troelsø, takes a close look at the Danish phenomenon of open sandwiches and naturally also visits Kähler Spisesalon. He refers to the restaurant as Aarhus’ best place for open sandwiches – but that is not all. We also received an award from Ole Troelsø for the best open sandwich in the region.
The critic wrote:
’Kähler Spisesalon is Aarhus’ newest and most interesting open sandwich restaurant (…) The style is modern, yet with a basic respect for the traditions and keen focus on the quality and origin of the raw materials.’
‘The ambience at Kähler Spisesalon is most of all cosy and then stylish in its own cunning way where beautifully designed ceramic and classic furniture art coalesce into a unique whole.’

18 September 2012

Byens Spiseguide: Kähler redesigns the Danish open sandwich
Kähler Spisesalon was visited by Byens Spiseguide, which dropped by to explore our reinterpreted open sandwiches. The critic was somewhat surprised with the unorthodox and Nordic-inspired dishes, but surrendered unconditionally after his the first bite.
The critic wrote:
‘When you reinvent something as sacrilege as open sandwiches and do it successfully, it proves that you have managed to revolutionise the Danes’ conventional thinking when it comes to food (..) The dishes were on point and the colour composition was exquisite, with pale colours that made you think of the Scandinavian cold climate and stunning nature.’

9 May 2013.

Politiken: ‘Denmark’s best open sandwiches’
This testimonial was bestowed on Kähler Spisesalon by Politiken, which also wrote:
’You will definitely find Denmark’s best open sandwiches at Kähler Spisesalon on M.P. Bruuns Gade in Aarhus. It is classic, yet still new and creative. […] The place brings new life to the classic open sandwich so that both young and old people can agree that open sandwiches are delicious.’

April 2014.