Whether you are in the mood for brunch, a tempting sweet pastry cake or an all-inclusive evening menu, then we have the perfect drink to accompany your gourmet experience.

Softdrinks, juice & water

Every day – all day

Soft drinks
Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Fanta or Sprite
25 cl / DKK 39

Luscombe Ginger Beer
Classic Ginger Beer 
32 cl / DDK 45

Luscombe with Elderflower
32 cl / DKK 45

Ice Tea of the sason
Per glass / DKK 45 

Orange juice or fresh juice from seasonal fruits and vegetables
Per glass / DKK 45 

Dagens juice
Fresh juice from seasonal fruits and vegetables
DKK 45

Jug of water
Per person / DKK 15

San Pellegrino
Gently sparkling
25 cl / DKK 39

San Pellegrino
Gently sparkling
75 cl / DKK 65

Juice from Staarup Haandbryg

On a country estate close to Skive, this small brewery produces ready-to-drink juice from springy blackcurrants, juicy rhubarb, sun-ripened apples and aromatic elderflower umbels. Staarup Haandbryg is known for its delicious juices. Because the juices are made from excellent Danish berries and fruits from competent growers close to the brewery, they taste of sun and summer in a bottle.

The most wonderful juice from rhubarbs, harvested at Mejlbjeggaard Grønt
27,5 cl / DKK 45

Let the taste of sunripe blackcurrants from Thy Bær fill up your mouth and bring you memories of warm summer days.
27,5 cl / DKK 45

Apple Juice
Made from the apple varieties Cox Orange and Aroma from Lyby Frugt. Have a sweet taste with a refreshing acidity.
27,5 cl / DKK 45

Elderflower with sea buckthorn
Elderflower picked from windbreaks in Højslev and Lyby. Adjusted with the nordic citrus fruit, buckthorn, which is picked at Fur.
27,5 cl / DKK 45

Beer from Staarup Haandbryg

When you order a beer from Staarup Haandbryg, you get a beer with loads of flavour from one of the country’s smallest breweries. Staarup Haandbryg’s beers are produced by connoisseurs on a country estate in Jutland near Skive. New types of beer are constantly added to the growing range.

Give your tastebuds an experience with this light, fresh beer that has a hint of elderflower and citrus. 4.6 %
Bottle, 33 cl / DKK 59

A golden ale with a rich aroma and a lovely and round malt depth in the flavour. 5.4 %
Bottle, 33 cl / DKK 59

Like wine, beer has a bouquet. Landsvale has a wonderful bouquet of newly cut hay and endless skies. 5.9 %
Bottle, 33 cl / DKK 59

Rich, spicy, dark wheat bock. We are talking flavour and then even more flavour. 7.5 %
Bottle, 33 cl / DKK 59

Beer from Klosterbryggeriet

Klosterbryggeriet dates all the way back to the Middle Ages, when a group of monks settled on the small piece of land between Mossø and Gudensø near Ry in central Jutland. Here, the monks built Øm Kloster, which still today produces beer of the highest quality.

Kloster Stout
Kloster Sout is a taste sensation for dark beer lovers. A little liquorice root is added to lend a deep, full-bodied flavour. 8.0 %
Bottle, 33 cl / DKK 59

Golden wheat beer with a fruity aroma and lovely taste with hints of orange and citrus. 5.2 %
Bottle, 33 cl / DKK 59

Årsøl IPA
A fresh and full-flavoured IPA made on four different types of malt and with added blueberries. 6.5 %
Bottle, 33 cl / DKK 59

Beer from Carlsberg Brewery

Tuborg Classic
Bottle, 33 cl / DKK 45

Bottle, 33 cl / DKK 45

Carlsberg Nordic Gylden bryg
Bottle, 0,5% 33 cl / DKK 45

Spisesalon’s own schnapps

We have created a schnapps of the season’s best produce. Please ask your waiter for more information.
3 cl / DKK 40

Schnapps from Hr. Skov

Hr. Skov in Blåvand produces exclusive delicacies of the North Sea. From the West of Denmark, Claus & Henny constantly develop typical local schnapps and they pick the ingredients themselves – in the harsh wind-swept landscape of dunes and beaches. The ingredients are always hand-picked, and the essence is derived from consulting old recipes. Because of their gastronomic initiatives, Hr. Skov has been awarded the honorary diploma 2012 of The Danish Gastronomic Academy (Det Danske Gastronomiske Akademi).

Enjoy a slightly bitter touch with exciting flavours and a pleasant sweetness.
3 cl / DKK 45

The scent will remind you of summertime in the moors.
3 cl / DKK 45

Sweet gale
Sweet gale is a traditional aquavit added a little liquorice root.
3 cl / DKK 45


Gin & Tonic 
Geranium Gin with Fever Tree Tonic
DKK 99

Dark n’ Stormy
Ginger beer, lime and dark rum
DKK 99 

Wine menus

A meal without wine is like dancing with no music. We have compiled two wine menus that consist of wines that perfectly complement the dishes you can choose in the menu.
Don’t hesitate to ask your waiter for more information concerning the wine menus.

Wine menu 3 courses
3 glasses of wine · DKK 239

Wine menu 4 courses
4 glasses of wine · DKK 299

Sparkling wines

Enjoy a wonderfull glass of bubbly wine to start of your dinner.
Per glass / DKK 75


A cup of coffee at Spisesalon is not just any cup of coffee. Our coffee comes from Great Coffee in Klostergade, where the owner, Søren Stiller Markussen is the Danish barista champion. Ever single coffee is roasted differently to capture its perfect character. Søren personally selects the coffee beans from the best coffee farmers throughout the world. That means you get the ultimate coffee sensation – every single time!

Doubleespresso · DKK 35
Black coffee – Single Origin Drip Coffee · DKK 39
Macchiato · DKK 39
Cortado · DKK 39
Americano · DKK 39
Cappuccino · DKK 49
Caffè latte · DKK 49
Ice coffee with vanilla syrup · DKK 49
Plunger coffee – price per coffee pot DKK 79


Hot chocolate with whipped cream · DKK 49
Irish Coffee ·DKK 85
Chai latte · DKK 49


Tea per cup · DKK 39
Tea per pot per person · DKK 79

Choose frrom: Karma Love (black tea), Sweet Quincy (white & green tea), Ginger Ginger (green tea),
Mint & Caramel (green tea), Juicy Karma (roibush tea) or licorice herbal tea.