Spisesalon’s coffee & cake

Is there anything better than meeting for coffee and cake? At Spisesalon you can enjoy a good, old Danish classic – sweet pastry cake – together with other delicious treats baked from the heart.

Medallion pastries & other cakes

All week from 11.00 AM

Pastry Cake of the day
Ask your waiter about the pastry cake of the day – choose from two different kinds.
DKK 55

Our Apple Cake
Our apple cake with hand-wipped cream, blackcurrants and macaroons.
DKK 55

Crispy shortbread with prunes, port and berry cream.
DKK 55

Coffee with love

Double espresso · DKK 35
Black coffee – Single Origin Drip Coffee · DKK 39
Macchiato · DKK 39
Cortado · DKK 39
Americano · DKK 39
Cappuccino · DKK 49
Caffè latte · DKK 49
Ice Coffee with vanilla syrup · DKK 49
Plunger coffee – price per coffee pot DKK 79

Other hot drinks

Hot chocolate with whipped cream · DKK 49
Irish Coffee · DKK 85
Chai latte · DKK 49


Tea per cup · DKK 39
Tea per pot · DKK 79

Choose from: Karma Love (black tea), Sweet Quincy (white & green tea), Ginger Ginger (green tea),Mint & Caramel (green tea), Juicy Karma (roibush tea) or licorice herbal tea.